"Into Darkness" MC​/​CD​/​12"EP (2012)




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Released on pro-tape by UNHOLY DOMAIN records (Italy)
in October 2012, limited to 100 copies (SOLD OUT!)...

...on 12" vinyl by IRON BONEHEAD productions (Germany)
in December 2012, limited to 300 copies (SOLD OUT!)...

...and on CD by HELLTHRASHER productions (Poland)
in February 2013, limited to 500 copies (available at hellthrasher.com/shop )

Line-up on this recording was:
- D. WARRIOR: vocals / lead guitar
- NOR: rhythm guitar / bass

"Amazing riffs, well composed, arranged and executed songs and fantastic vocals of Doomed Warrior. And in this kind of music this demo seems like a perfect stuff, comparable to the classic albums! Really, I mean it… just as much as I worship Asphyx or Bolt Thrower, I sincerely do the same now with this new band, so badly their music has massacred me. Ears are bleeding and the brain is boiling, the guts are ripped and the body is dismembered… A lovely musical torture! Every song on “Into Darkness” sounds like a classic tune to me." (95/100)

"A gradual descent into a claustrophobic black pit of doom. The 2012 demo from Into Darkness is one of the best death/doom releases of 2012."

"An absolutely amazing 4 track demo from start to finish there is sophistication, superb riffs, damming beats and brilliant vocals. I can’t find anything negative to say about this band. The quality of their tracks are outstanding and an exciting listen as soon as you press play." (5/5)

"INTO DARKNESS play slow and dark Death Metal with Doom influences. Reminds of old ASPHYX, MYTHIC, DERKETA or INCANTATION. D. Warrior has a demonic voice and fits perfectly to the dark and unholy atmosphere of the songs. The production is thick and for a debut demo oustanding!"

"The band truly excels in creating a very dense and old school atmosphere, relying on the riffing of Doomed Warrior and Nor.
If you are a huge fan of 90’s Death Metal and like some Doomier influences on your music, this is one release you better not miss." (85/100)

"Extreme death doom with a great grunt courtesy of the lovely lady Doomed Warrior. This EP is totally great."

"Into Darkness sound like a mixture of Asphyx, Derketa, Dream Death, Celtic Frost and Bolt Thrower. Crushing doom/death is contrasted by mid-paced pure old-school death metal fury, allowing for plenty of variety in the compositions. If doom/death or old-school death metal is your thing, then you definitely shouldn't sleep on this band!"

"This is an EP consisting in four pieces of doom/death metal, with ultra heavy guitar riffs, slow drum bases and a putrid stench you should cover your nose from some miles away. They are not inventing anything, actually, and what this band transmits is a fucking dead breath miasma, and obscurity is its pure essence."

"Supposedly influenced by bands like Mythic and Derketa this promises to be some really cool metal. This is heavy. This is slow but most of all this is bloody brilliant and enormously beautiful metal. This is a blast back to the 90s when extreme metal felt fresh and new. This is kinda like rediscovering Hellhammer for the very first time in spirit more than sound. This was everything and more than I ever expected."

"The four songs on this self titled demo are heavy as fuck and have an archaic, dark and unholy atmosphere. The songs are also spiced with some fine and gloomy guitar leads. The production is blameless and heavy as a stream of lava. D. Warrior, the girl handling guitar and vocals, has a demonic voice which fits perfectly to the sinister compositions."

"Into Darkness are a very great sounding doom/death metal band and if you are a fan of this musical genre, you should check out this EP."

"Into Darkness' eponymous demo is a merciless onslaught of dirty, sewer-dwelling riffs, ragged howls and searing solos."

"You know that feeling when you hear something for the first time, and you go "fuuuck this is really good"?[...]If remarkably fresh sounding death/doom rooted in the Asphyx / Derketa tradition, with varied songwriting and an excellent production, sounds like something you'd like, you have to check this out."

"Probably one of the brightest hopes of the revival of old school death/doom." (82/100)

"This self-titled demo 2012 is a violent blow in the face."

"We are faced with a really good debut that deserves the success at the international level." (77/100)

"Into Darkness offers a very true attitude to the genre, whose members have captured a clear vision of what they touch and if you're a fan of this genre this EP has to come to your dirty ears!" (9.5/10)

"The band proves their abilities pretty quickly enough, and as the album starts off with the eponymous track, the crushing riffs, along with the doom pace that the band trudges along in, all bring to mind the ominous, oppressive form of death metal that Incantation has crafted over the course of their history. Yet this is more than simply an Incantation clone as the band certainly brings in quite a variety of influences."

"In the end of the day, Into Darkness achieve their goal most proficiently, delivering a damn solid and rather enjoyable EP with a bunch of good ideas and sparks of genuine authenticity. The vocals drive the music along nicely, and generally fine musicianship – especially on the guitar front, offering some excellent lead-play."

"Into Darkness is one of the most promising bands I’ve heard in a long time."

"The connection between Death and Doom. If there is something that fascinates me, it's this mix. [...]I love those otherworldly voices and dragged slow rhythms, which suddenly become fast, frantic, but never reach outrageous Blast Beats. And everything sounds macabre, everything is submerged behind a thick, cold mist, which hides unspeakable Lovecraftian horrors. Into Darkness live up to their name. [...]To summarize, if you like bands like Derketa, Decomposed or the legendary Dream Death, you'll love this italian band."

"Italian Into Darkness demo just shocked me! At the first riff I was literally swept out of the chair ! Powerful, heavy and totally in the face!
[...]This is one of the most outstanding debut demos, if we are talking about the old school Death/Doom Metal. [...]Into Darkness is a mix of aggression and heaviness. [...]There is a very good production, musical arrangements and an unique claustrophobic sound that will leave you short of breath!"

"[...]I'm talking about Asphyx, I'm talking about Derketa, talking about Winter, and sometimes Incantation. There is no way out - apocalyptic sound of the early nineties that thrusts the listener into the ground like a piledriver with Giulia vocals a la Martin van Drunen that sweep everything out. Into Darkness crushed me. I crave for more. Fucking great demo!" (9/10)

"What makes this band Doom / Death band differ from the other great bands that are invading the subgenre are the riffs: so powerful, sharp, chaotic, possessed. The voice, very reminiscent of Van Drunen or Gubbels in PENTACLE, is another high point of this disc. Doomed Warrior (a female) lives up to her name and shows that her soul should be really devilish to get that voice inside. " (79/100)

"I recommend this EP to everyone. These guys and gals are rising stars." (8/10)






7.5/10 (SICMAGGOT)




released October 10, 2012

All music by INTO DARKNESS (Italy), lyrics by D. Warrior.



all rights reserved


Into Darkness (Italy) Como, Italy

Death Metal inspired by Asphyx/Soulburn, Incantation, Autopsy, Bolt Thrower, Derketa, Swazafix, Celtic Frost, Rippikoulu, Thorr's Hammer, Eternal Darkness, Mythic, Delirium, Winter, Crypt of Kerberos, Transgressor, Acrostichon, Funebrarum, Spina Bifida, etc... ... more

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