"Transmigration of Cosmic Creatures Into the Unknown" 7"EP (2013)




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Released on 7" vinyl by DOOMENTIA records (Czech Rep.)
in December 2013, limited to 500 copies (400 on black vinyl and 100 on clear vinyl). Available at www.doomentia.com

Line-up on this recording was:
- D. WARRIOR: vocals / guitars
- K. HUNAKAU: bass / backing vocals
- P. GUTS: drums

"The riffing of " Transmigration Of Cosmic Creatures Into The Unknown " is simply superb! Tons of heaviness and incredibly oppressive."

"The two tracks that comprise ‘Transmigration of Cosmic Creatures Into the Unknown’ are incidentally two of the band’s best compositions yet, bursting out of your speakers like a vast sonic black hole with riffs so ominous you’ll be looking over your shoulder for days afterwards."

"Two great tracks of old school Death Metal from beyond the black stars !"
(Chris "Thorncross" Moyen)

"It is again very good, killer death metal, born in the fuckin pits of hell, filled with brutal, massacring riffs, ghoulish vocals of Doomed Warrior (she is awesome!) and more so, it has this dark, eerie atmosphere of horror. Into Darkness clearly knows how to compose some killer tunes and yes, they did succeed, delivering pure slaughter again!" (85/100)

"This Italian entity returned with another piece of destructive death metal. I think they are consolidating an own personality by delivering great doomed tunes and truly venomous lines.
This time it’s only a 7”EP with two tracks, but somehow, the sound has a particular perspective of death metal genre used to be in early 90’s and the message is clear: to blow your head with dark atmospheres, low tuned guitar riffs and simplistic structures. Actually, some of them sound quite primitive if you ask me. Total support to this girl Giulia who really knows about the roots of the genre and take care of guitar lines and vocals. Goddess, really."

"Vocalist/lead-guitarist Doomed Warrior is the only surviving member of the band that produced the s/t demo — now joined by Ken Hunakau (also a member of Fuoco Fatuo) on bass and rhythm guitar and drummer Pide Guts (Necro) — but the new release proves she was (and is) the heart and demonic soul of this band. She still sounds like she was separated at birth from Martin van Drunen, despite being born more than 20 years later, and if anything her voice has grown even more depraved and destructive since Into Darkness’ first outing. And her songwriting and guitar work are equally striking this time around."

"Even if ‘Transmigration of Cosmic Creatures into the Unknown’ follows the cosmic theme of their debut, it sees the band taking an even more brutal approach while keeping the dissonant and creepy elements that made their first songs so special alive. Adorned with a fitting Chris Moyen artwork, “Dreadful Omen of a Dark Millenium” and the title-track on the flipside just confirm that among all the great bands that have been popping up like crazy lately to revive the spirit of death-metal the old way, INTO DARKNESS are head and shoulders above the pack and ready to dominate. Hail!!!"

"This EP is a real treat for the ears accustomed to the rough and rotten sounds. Death/Doom, like in the first and self-titled demo, but taken to the next level. The Winter influences remain clear, with the addition of the groove and density of Bolt Thrower / Asphyx , plus the inevitable reference to Derketa and Mythic. I mean, this is Death / Doom done like in the early 90s. Dense, dark, evil, throaty and vicious, this new Ep of Into Darkness becomes addictive with just a couple of listenings. The tuning, helps to create simultaneously an apocalyptic and ritualistic mood, confirmed by the cover artwork, a true ode to cosmic horrors. The titles of the songs, extensive and devilish, only serve to enhance that feeling of being in the middle of a cosmic catastrophe plagued with unspeakable horrors. And the compositions themselves, are grotesque compendiums of sonic violence, crushing rhythms (ranging from the fast parts to the slower ones), voices from beyond the grave and murderous riffs, drowning the listener in a black and bottomless abyss."

"I have to say that I am very surprised with the band progress, these new songs seem better than the first demo. (That demo, musically was very good). You might relate the band with ASPHYX in the vocal line and in their fastest parts, but in the slow ones the inspiration in DERKETA is something you can’t deny. One of the things that surprised me more of these new songs is that they have more rhythm parts that made you like it when you first listen to them and I don’t think it is just me that have noticed that some parts can remind you the sound of BATHORY. The vocal line plays a perfect tone to each style of every song and I think that those accelerations break the darkness of the slower riffs and give them even more versatility."

"This is doomy the same way that Derketa or Mythic were doomy back in the days. Add to it a touch of Swedish death metal like Unleashed and you get a pretty good idea of what to expect from this lot. There is a charm to this doomy death metal that is hard to fend off. Once subjected to it you just want more. And with this being just a two track EP this is unjust and cruel in all possible ways. I WANT MORE."

"Dual tracks of decrepit Italian death metal that summons the spectre of a more driven Derkéta. Well worth your attention."


released December 10, 2013

All music by INTO DARKNESS (Italy), lyrics by D. Warrior.



all rights reserved


Into Darkness (Italy) Como, Italy

Death Metal inspired by Asphyx/Soulburn, Incantation, Autopsy, Bolt Thrower, Derketa, Swazafix, Celtic Frost, Rippikoulu, Thorr's Hammer, Eternal Darkness, Mythic, Delirium, Winter, Crypt of Kerberos, Transgressor, Acrostichon, Funebrarum, Spina Bifida, etc... ... more

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